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its learns spark at level 12 and you have a shock wave TM teach it that

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Q: What level does Pachirisu learn a new move?
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Does chikorita learn a new move when evolving?

No. It evolves at level 16 and level 32 but it doesn't learn a new move either time.

What level does Beedrill learn a new move?

at level 67

Will Infernape learn a new move at level 52?

No he wont

When does cleffa learn a new move?

At level 8,or10

Does Abra learn a new move before evolving?

No, it doesn't sadly. Until level 16 (When it evolves)does it learn a new move. The new move Abra learns is Confusion after it evolves.

What level does Abra learn a new move?

The only move that Abra can learn is teleport, however you can teach him TMs. When it evolves in Kadabra at level 16, it learns its first move: Confusion.

How do you make a Pokemon learn a new move in Pokemon Indigo?

In order to learn a new move, the Pokemon must forget moves first. Then, it has to level up and it will learn the move it should have already learned.

What level does Charizard get a new move after level 37?

It depends what version of Pokemon you are playing. Diamond and Pearl: After level 36 Charizard will learn the move Flamethrower at level 42. Gold, Silver and Crystal versions: After level 36 Charizard will learn the move Slash at level 44.

What level does Abra learn new moves on Pokemon crystal?

It only learns the move TELEPORT at level 1, but it is able to learn hm/tm's. It evolves into KADABRA at level 16 when it learns the move CONFUSION.

On witch level does Garchomp learn a new move?

man i wish i new but ill answer when my gabite evolves :)

What does level that pideotto learn a new move?

no you just can buy an attack at Change Attacks

At what level does shinx learn a new move in Pokemon platinum?

7 8 or 9