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at level 33

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Q: What level does Crobat learn mean look?
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When does Crobat learn mean look?

at LV.33

What Pokemon learn mean look?

crobat. caught me a latias with an ultra ball. latias is now level 100

Which Pokemon can learn mean look in emerald?

crobat and sableye

A Pokemon that has mean look on diamond?

Crobat can learn Mean look, and there are a few others that I forget.

Which pokemons learn mean look?

Raticate, Golbat, Crobat, Haunter, and Gengar

What level does murkrow learn mean look?

Murkrow will learn mean look at level 48

How do you get mean look in Pokemon Diamond?

GOLBATI think you can get a golbat or crobat to learn mean look in Pokemon diamond/pearl. you can get golbat almost everywhere.

What level does rattata learn mean look?

Rattata does not learn Mean Look.

What level does medicham learn mean look?

Medicham can't learn Mean Look.

Which Pokemon has mean look?


Pokemon knows mean look?

I'll write down the names of the pokémon and the level they learn it: Crobat 33 Gastly 8 Jynx 21 Umbreon 57 Murkrow 41 Dusknoir 43

What level does umbreon learn mean look?

Umbreon learns mean look at level 57