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Absol actually doesn't learn either move.

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Q: What level does Absol learn either crunch or faint attack in Pokemon Ruby?
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Does absol learn crunch?

no but it learns BITE.

Is the Pokemon absol a real Pokemon?

Absol is a real pokemon.

When do absol learn crunch?

It doesn't learn Crunch at all. Not even through breeding or TM.

What type of Pokemon is absol?

Absol is a dark Pokemon :D

Where does the pokemon absol appear in Pokemon Platinum?

The pokemon Absol appears at the top of Mt. Coronet.

Does absol evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Absol does not evolve! :(

Should you get Glalie or Absol in Pokemon Emerald?

you should get absol

Is there a way to breed Absol so that it will know mean looks as it is listed as being an egg move for it?

Yes there is since Mean Look is one of Absol's egg moves so you can use a female Absol and then you can get a male Absol or a male of either Umbreon, Patrat, Watchoog, Smeargle, Girafarig, Sandile, Krookodile, Snivy, Serperior or Servine and then you can place the two Pokemon into the Daycare and then you will receive a Pokemon Egg from the Daycare Man that will eventually hatch into an Absol of either gender that knows Mean Look.

What level does absol evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Sorry, but Absol does not evolve.

How do you get an absol on Pokemon platinum?

you can get absol but only by snow point city

What Pokemon is 209 in Pokemon platinum?

it is absol

How do you catch absol in Pokemon black?

you must trade with cheren with tropius and absol you give cheren tropius and he give you absol thats how to get absol