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You need a Nintendo tri-wing screwdriver.

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Q: What kind of screwdriver do i need to unscrew the back of your ds lite?
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Do you only need a trigram screwdriver to open a ds lite?

yes you do.

How do you fix the on button on a Nintendo ds lite?

take it apart with a screwdriver

How do you take out the battery of a ds lite?

you will see screws on the bottum unscrew them and then you can take the battery out

How do you know if its a ds lite?

on a ds at the back it does NT ssay ds lite and on a ds lite it says ds lite

How do you replace interior map lite on a Chrysler 1999 lhs?

the front maplight lenses come off with a small screwdriver just pry them off and put in a new bulb and pop the lens back on

What kind of DS lite NERF armor would match with a blue DS lite?

Dark Blue

How do you fix a ds lite by hand?

It could be seen as impossible unless you work with Nintendo. The reason is that the Nintendo DS Lite has screws that are only manufactured and are used by Nintendo. Only way to unscrew it is to get the special screw driver from Nintendo.

How do you get your mom your psp back?

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How do you change dash lite on 67tbird?

This is a tough call as a lot of the early Ford dash pads are glued on. You should be able to unscrew the cluster from the front and pull it out to do this that's how it was on my Falcon. Besides that you'll have to loosen the dash supports to give you some wriggle room to get back in there.

How do you reset the check engine lite on a 2002 Toyota Tundra?

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How do you unfreeze your ds lite?

to unfreeze your dslite you need to unscrew the battery over and then pull out the battery and leave the ds lite for 10-15min and it will reset its self and when you turn it on it will be working as normal but for when you are in a game and it freeze you need to figure that out on your own......(just turn it off)

Where Is The Battery In The DS Lite?

The battery is where the screw is on the back of the ds lite. but dont take it out because it contains the console memory.