What kind of online game is Metin2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Metin2 is a popular and animated online game which involves fighting and role playing. It is a game for both experienced and inexperienced gamer players.

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Q: What kind of online game is Metin2?
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Is there any other game like Metin2 UK?


Who developed the MMORPG Metin2?

YMIR Entertainment of seoul, South Korea developed the MMPRPG Metin2 in 1999. Interestingly, this game is a huge success in Europe, specifically Germany.

Is metin2 the best game of the world?

yes and it is a serious challenger to world of warcraft

Why is the ground red in metin2?

because the game was made in 2004 in china that's why is the ground red and bad qulity

Where can you buy Cheap Metin2 Yang? is a very good place to cheap metin 2 yang. is another good choice for you.

What do you do with a shuriken on metin2?

I know metin2 very good. if it's shiriken+ you will need it to make the FMS +7... Anyway you will need it to make thinks + and +,+,+...

Is metin2 a virus?

No - The game itself is not a virus. Since it's release, there has been many different client variations in order to change the look of certain items, maps or models in the game done by real people. If one of the client modifiers has a virus on their computer, automatically they will infect the files that they share with the public, intentionally or accidentally. Therefore, when you download a new client version of a particular Metin2 private server that has an infected file, you will then be infected as well. This applies to all torrent and shared files over the internet, not only metin2 in specific.

Can anyone give me his metin2 account?

yes you able to do it

How can you make you online game?

you have to be at the kind of work then lean how to do it

How can you enter cheat codes in metin2?

You can't just type a cheat code then "BANG" you get 1'000'000 (1kk)... There is no cheat codes on Metin2 (BEST GAME EVER).. But there is all kinds of hacks which you could use.. But I won't explain that because I don't want people to be hacking cause then its no fun.. SO DONT HACK

How do you download metin2?

You can download it in or type it in Google

What online game is where you can be famous it is kind of like clubpenguin?