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According to the Hoenn Pokedex, number 158 is Psyduck and 159 is Golduck.

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Q: What kind of Pokemon is number 158 and 159 emerald?
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What is the national pokedex number for Totodile?

Totodile is #158 in the national Pokedex, and is a Water type Pokemon.

What is the server address for the dropper?

Server address is a IP to get onto a sever it doesn't give you droppers. You probably mean the ID number: 158.

Is missing no in Pokemon platinum?

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, I think I read about a way to get MissingNo. with hacks. I guess it should be the same for Platinum. At the beginning of the game, when you first go on your little expedition with your blond rival. When you leave the lake, he stops following you so you can go home. However, using the walk-through-walls code, you can go back into the lake and go anywhere you'd like, on the lake or whatever. The game stills thinks you're with your rival, so you have a double battle. I think that your partner will be a MissingNo., one of your enemies will be a normal Pokémon, and the other will be a MissingNo.. It might work for Platinum, but I'm not sure so don't believe me completely. (Different User) Okay, here's exactly how you get it, tryed it myself. You get an Action Replay, get the Pokemon Modifier code, and the Poketch. You select the Calculator app and do the following: (Must have Action Replay in) You press 0 on the calc. and then press the Left Trigger. Then, on the calc, you press clear. After that, press 0 again, then the RIGHT trigger, then clear, then SELECT. After that, you just run around in the tall grass, and it'll show up. To get any POkemon you want, instead of 0 on the Calculator, put..say, for intstance, 158, which is Totodile. Then press the Left Trigger, then press clear. Then put the desired level, then press the RIGHT trigger, then press Select. Go to the tall grass, and boom. One Totodile coming right up! I tried this myself, and no, you don't need the National Dex. You can go to and they have a national dex there. Just type in what Pokemon you want, look at the number, and you can get it! If it doesn't work, tell me.

What is the best form for Deoxys?

The best form for deoxys is definitly Defence form it looks awsome!!!!!! Stats hp 234/234 attack 158 defence 391 sp.atk 140 sp. def 330 speed 214

Does anyone know what a Williams bros direct supply stores token would have been used for?

These tokens were Loyalty Tokens based on a similar principle to Co-Operative Dividend Tokens and could presumably be used to purchase goods from the issuing store/s. Williams Brothers store was apparently at 146-158 Holloway Road, London England and they were one of the last shops to issue Tokens. DJG

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What is number 158 in Hoenn?

Psyduck, the Duck Pokemon

What number is toadidile in Pokemon platinum?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex, it doesn't have a number as you can't get it, but in the National Pokedex it's number 158

What is the national pokedex number for Totodile?

Totodile is #158 in the national Pokedex, and is a Water type Pokemon.

Is the number 158 prime or composite?

158 is an even number and 2 divides into all even numbers. Since 158 is even, it is a composite number.

What number is 37 percent of 158?

37% or 0.37*158 = 58.46

How do you arrange the numbers 518 to form the smallest natural number?


What number goes into158 evenly?

The factors of 158 are 1, 2, 79, and 158.

What is the absolute value of 15.8?

The absolute value of any number is its distance from neutral 0. With that in mind, the absolute value of -158 is 158.

Coretta bowling average decreased from 158 to 133. what is the percent decrease to the nearest tenth of a percent?

To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number (in this case 133) by the base number (in this case 158) and multiply the result by 100.133 is therefore 100 x 133/158 = 84.2%. The decrease is thus 100 - 84.2 = 15.8%ALTERNATIVELY : The decrease is 158 - 133 = 25.25 as a percentage of 158 is 100 x 25/158 = 15.8%

Is 15.8 a rational number?

yes it is a rational it can be written as 158/10

What is 158 over 4 as a mixed number in simplest terms?

158 over 4 as a mixed number in simplest terms = 391/2

What is the prime factorization of 158?

In order to find the prime factors of a number, you first divide it by the obvious divisors. In this case, 158 is even so we can divide it by 2. Do that and you get 79. 79 is a prime number so we have finished prime factorizing 158. Thus the prime factors of 158 are 2 and 79.