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the tidal bell,and the silver wing

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Q: What items do you need to make lugia appear?
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What items do you need to catch Ho-oh and Lugia?

For Ho-oh you need the Rainbow wing For Lugia you need the Silver wing

Where do you find Lugia on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

lugia is on bottomless sea 18th floor but u need the enigma part or secret slab to make him appear

What items do you need to capture lugia in soulsilver?

tidal bell and silver wing

How do you get Lugia to appear at the waterfall in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In order to get Lugia to appear at the waterfall in the Whirl Islands in Pokémon SoulSilver, you first have to beat all 8 of the Johto Gym Leaders and receive the Master Ball from Professor Elm. Next head to the Dance Theater in Ecruteak City and the 5 Kimono Girls will challenge you to a battle. After defeating all 5 of them they'll give you a Tidal Bell and run off. Now you can head to the Whirl Islands in order to summon Lugia at the waterfall in the Whirl Islands.In order to get Lugia to appear in Soul Silver, you first need two items. You need to have the silver wing and the silver bell. Once you have those, go to the Whirl Islands and find your way to the waterfall. Once there, a cut-scene will appear and after the cut-scene, (you also need surf) you surf on the water in front of the waterfall and talk to Lugia. Then the battle will start giving you the opportunity to catch it.

What items do you need to get lugia on explorers of sky?

You need secret slab or mystery part in your treasure bag, then go to surrounding sea 18f.

What do you need to find louegia?

If your talking about Lugia from pokemon silver or SoulSilver then you need the silver wing for SIlver version. But for SoulSilver its a little different you will have to beat The kimono sisters then they you will have to meet them in the whirlpool islands watch a cutscene where they dance and lugia appear and fight Lugia where you can kill or catch it. But for HeartGold I dont remember how you get the wing for it but you must beat the game first before you catch Lugia.

What is the action replay to get Lugia or ho-ho in Pokemon sapphire?

That is a simple question. Remember, only works for sapphire. Okay, the code for lugia is: 39E924C44136A9DD 545C676A51FFDC1C That is the code for lugia. Not so sure about Ho-oh. But this code works. its a type-6 code, so only one Pokemon search code can be activated. This code works great! Now i have 8 lugia. It makes lugia appear everywhere. To make it work you need both codes on, the one on top and bottom.

How many times does Lugia appear in surrounded sea Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

As many times as you can make it appear. Lugia won't dissopear from the floor unless you defeat it, and even then you can still just exit and re-enter the dungeon, get to the eighteenth floor, then find it again. It helps to have the item Golden Mask or Amber Tear when recruiting Lugia as your leader's held item as this raises the recruit chance by 25%. Lugia's recruit rate is also 25%, as is Ho-Oh's, but there are other items that help recruit Lugia other than Golden Mask or Amber Tear, these are Raquaza's Treasure (obtained by defeating Raquaza at the summit of Sky Stairs then finding it in the golden chest) and the Friend Bow (rises recruit chances by 10%.) Having all these items won't really make a difference as you need to hold them, and giving them to your team members won't help either, so you have to pick one. I'm sorry if you already know all this, but you said "in surrounded sea" so you must know where it is and how to get it. Lugia will never perminantley dissopear from the dungeon unless you recruit it so you can try as many times as you desire!

Does the copyright symbol need to appear on items in Germany?

No; notification is not required for protection.

How is Shadow Lugia different from Lugia and how can it be obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Well in Pokemon XD gale of darkness there is a shadow lugia. you can send it to your game boy advance through a gba gamecube link cable. however you need to purify the lugia (make it a normal lugia(it wont be shadow anymore) ) before you can send it to the game. so you cant have a shadow lugia on diamond and pearl

How do you get a Lugia in pokemon platium?

you need an action replay to get lugia otherwise you can't

Where is Lugia in Pokemon platinum?

To Catch Lugia You'll Need A Action Replay.