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If you just trade the haunter with no items it will evolve to gengar now take it back so that you have the gengar. You can't evolve a haunter by migrating it.

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Q: What item do you give to haunter do trade for Gengar?
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Does haunter need an item to evolve?

no, just trade.

How can you use link trade to evolve hunter to Gengar?

Just trade it you don't need an item!

How can you trade an item from a DS to a DS?

You have to give the item you want to trade to a Pokemon, and then trade the Pokemon.

What moves can gastly and it other evoltions can it learn in Pokemon pearl?

Gastly can learn: *Sucker Punch *Confuse Ray *Shadow Sneak *Astonish *Ominous Wind *Revenge *Taunt (TM) And others. ---Note--- To get the fully evolved form of Gastly, you have to trade. Gastly evolves into Haunter at lvl 22 or 25 depending on the game and into Gengar when traded. No held item is needed to trade. ---PokeFreak

What is the cheat code to evolve haunter?

if you are talking about Pokemon you simply trade it to another persons game and it will evolve once its traded you can trade back after and you will have a gengar same applies for alakazam and various other Pokemon too.(some Pokemon are required to be traded while holding a specific item before they will evolve like onix to steelix where onix need to be holding a metal coat)

How do you give an item to a friend on Pokemon platinum?

give the item to a Pokemon and then trade that Pokemon.

Where can you give a item to a friend in Pokemon pearl?

Attach the item to a Pokemon and trade it then get your friend to take the item off and trade the Pokemon back

How do you give gifts on Pokemon?

you have to give a Pokemon an item, then trade it to someone

How do you get Gengar on your team in red rescue team?

i am dutch but i try speak englishsearch on www.seribii.netthen select spin-offpokédex!!!its stand on the left side of screenthen select gengar !!!i hope i helped youaswer me on www.kinderlines .nl/homepages/wimmange.htmlNew Person (Blastoisefire)What you need to do is evolve a Ghastly into a Haunter (best found in the Bueried Relic) and then use the link cable to get Haunter to evolve into Gengar.Here is a wonder mail code for the item needed for Haunter to evolve:??7? ??Y? 4???!F?? F466 (f)???Hope this helps ^^

What item does haunter get traded with to evolve in pokemon pearl?


How do you get Gengar in Pokemon pearl?

A gengar evolves from some Pokemon that i always forget the name of, and that one evolves from gastly which can be found in the big tower just south of Solaceon Town. Also you can get the one i forget the name of in Snowpoint City. Go into the houses and inside one there will be a girl and she will ask if you want to trade, give her the Pokemon she wants and you get a lvl 46 ? holding a special item that stops it from evolving, take the item away and start leveling up.

What Pokemon need a link trade to evolve?

From the top of my head, I can think of graveler, kadabra, machoke, haunter, onix(need item), scyther(needs item), clamperl(needs deepseatooth or deepseascale), porygon(needs item), porygon2(needs item), magmar(needs item), electabuzz(needs item), I think there are more, but that's all I can think of.