What is your wheel ID number?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I've added a link to the Spin ID number tutorial that aired in Jan 2010

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Q: What is your wheel ID number?
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Related questions

How do you get spinner id number?

Register at the Wheel of Fortune site

How do you sign up for Wheel of Fortune id spin number?

On the Sony Website

Is your existing id number on file on Wheel of Fortune?

It is and when you log in you can see your number

What is the number to call when your Wheel of Fortune spin id number is the winner?

There is no phone number. You must log into your account at the Wheel of Fortune website to confirm that your number was chosen, and to begin the verification process. You have 24 hours from the broadcast of the episode with that day's number or numbers.

How does a Wheel of Fortune member claim their prize when their Spin ID number is displayed on the show?

They start by going to the Wheel Watchers website, using the account with the Spin ID number assigned to it. They must respond within 24 hours of the broadcast.

How do you get a secret santa sweepstakes id number for Wheel of Fortune?

The yearly Secret Santa promotion uses the Spin ID that you obtain from the Wheel of Fortune website. There are 3 daily prizes during the sweepstakes period. You can find the spin ID at the other related link below.

How do you obtain winning no for Wheel of Fortune game to particapate at home?

You can get a Spin ID from the Wheel of Fortune Site and you can only hope it will be a winning number

What is a wheel watcher's club user id?

It is a number assigned to members of the Wheel Watchers Club, originally part of the Sony Rewards website. The Spin ID offers cash and prizes to viwers of the Wheel of Fortune TV show, by randomly selecting Spin IDs for broadcast episodes. When a registered viewer sees their own Spin ID number on a show, they have 24 hours to claim their prize, or it is forfeited.

What was the Wheel of Fortune Spin ID number for September 1 2014?

You must either watch the show each day or consult a website (other than the Wheel of Fortune site) that provides this number. You only have 24 hours to claim your prize if you see your Spin ID number on the program.(see the related link for the active Spin ID)

How can you get a new wheel watchers spin ID?

They are not replaced with new numbers for the same email address. You can get a Spin ID with another email but the problem is that you will then have 2 spin id numbers making them both void if you happen to win. See wheel of fortune com or Sony rewards com to get an original spin id number

How can you find your existing id number for Wheel of Fortune?

You log on with your password and email address see related link

What do you do if you lost your Wheel of Fortune spin id number and password?

Your e-mail is all you need to get your password and your Spin ID is displayed whenever you log on. If your Spin ID does not appear, you should contact customer service rather than create a new number, which could make both invalid.