What is your KDR on counterstrike?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lol, mine is 928:1 by freezing bots :P

All knife kills.


My UN-cheating KDR is somtin like 100:1

Easy Mode :P

Expert is like 20:1

Im new anyways :P

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Q: What is your KDR on counterstrike?
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When was KDR Melbourne created?

KDR Melbourne was created in 2009-06.

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How do you get kdr in base war?

OK kdr is kill death rate so yeah tha bigger your death rate is the more u have

How do you check your KDR on black ops?

Check your KDR by going to your combat record, going left to "weapons" and your Kill Death Ratio is listed in one of the columns

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Who has the best KDR in cod 5?

on ps3 Knighthawk34

What is KDR in base war on roblox?

Kill Death Rate

Where can you download counterstrike for kids MOD?

you cannot download counterstrike beacause that is premium

Where to downoad counterstrike for kids?

There's no counterstrike for kids. If kids want to have it, they have to download it illegal

What is a good game mode in mw2 to get a good kdr?

camping in capture the flag

How do you get high Kdr in cs?

Don't die much and kill many enemies.

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The airport code for Kandrian Airport is KDR.