What is vonal stri?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Over the coming years Vasarely created several distinct series of works which were to cement his status.

One of these was his 'Vonal' series, where he revisited his earlier line studies (such as the Zebres series) and graphic work but this time making full use of colour. The series is a continuation of these earlier linear series' explorations of movement and perception.

In Vonal-Stri (1975 - shown right), the feeling of movement and depth are created by Vasarely's use of lines of decreasing scale advancing towards the centre of the canvas - the further in we look to the centre, the further away the field appears to be from us. The use of changing colours across the field also serves to provide the viewer with the feeling of kinetic energy, depth and space.

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Q: What is vonal stri?
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