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Q: What is uberhaxornova's minecraft name?
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What was minecraft's first name?

minecraft's first name is cave game

What is the name of Steve's name on Minecraft?


What is Duncan's Minecraft from the yogscast name?

Duncan's Minecraft name is LividCoffee

What is ssundees Skype name?


How do you give a dolphin a name in Minecraft?

There are no dolphins in minecraft

Is your Minecraft download page name the same as your in-game name?

The name you use to sign up for minecraft will be your in-game name

What is captainsparkelz minecraft name?

His minecraft username is simply captainsparklez.

How do you change username for Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you can not change your name on Minecraft!

Is Steve was a random name or was a memory of someone in minecraft?

Steve was not a random name but a memory of someone in Minecraft.

Changing Minecraft name?

You can't unless you get another minecraft account.

Who is the bajancanadians?

BajanCanadian is a minecraft Commentator that play various Minecraft mini games. His real name is Mitch and many many Minecraft fans idolise him.

What is 'sky does Minecraft's' real name?

"Sky does Minecraft"'s real name is Adam. You could hear this name sometimes on his videos when he is playing with friends.