What is tm02?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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OF course the tm02 is the move return,its a full power attack that grows more powerful the more the Pokemon likes its trainer.

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Q: What is tm02?
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Tm02 Pokemon diamond?

Tm02 is dragon claw and you can find it in Mt.Coronet.

Where is TM02 dragon claw on soul silver?

TM02 Dragon Claw is on Route 27.

Where do you find tm02 in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Dragon Claw (TM02) is found in route 27 and in Goldenrod Department Store lottery.

What is tm02 in Pokemon?

Dragon Claw.

Can Rayquaza learn dragon claw?

Yes. Raquaza can learn TM02 Dragon Claw. Since this move is not in its learnset, you must use the TM02.

Where do you get tm02 in meteor falls?

in meteor falls

Where can you get TM02 in crystal?

You can get it at the market in the 5th floor on Goldenrod

Where is TM02 Dragon Claw in Pokemon Black?

Victory Road

How do you get TM02 in Pokemon Gold?

You can buy it in Goldenrod City on the 5ft floor

Can you trade items in Pokemon HeartGold?

yes technicly you give your Pokemon an item say tm01 then you trade with your friend who has say tm02 on there Pokemon then you take tm02 away and it goes in the TM poket in your bag

Where is dragon claw in Pokemon white?

You can get TM02 Dragon claw in victory road

How do you get the guy to move in MT Coronet?

go out, beat volkner and go back to get tm02 dragon claw