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inFAMOUS is a PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

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Q: What is the xbox 360 game infamous rated?
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Do they have an infamous game for xbox 360?

probably halo

What is the best roleplaying game on xbox 360?

Infamous definitly.

Will infamous be out on xbox 360?

No,but you can buy a similar game called "Prototype"

Is there Infamous for Xbox 360?

No. Infamous and Infamous 2 are only for the Play Station 3.

Is infamous 1 on xbox 360?

inFamous is for PS3 only, but prototype is VERY similar and is for Xbox 360 only. ^LOL who ever said that, is stupid at a really high level, prototype began by being for ps3, then it came out for xbox 360 so did prototype 2, and i have both prototype 1 and 2 for ps3, they are no where as good as infamous AT ALL

When will infamous come out for xbox 360?


Are they are making the game Infamous for the Xbox 360 ...if so when?

They are not making it for the 360, it is a PS3 exclusive, and Sucker Punch is owned by Sony. Thus it would be highly unlikely that the game will be released for the 360.

Is the game just cause 2 rated T?

No the game is rated M for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360

What does online gameplay not rated mean on your Xbox 360?

if you get this message on your xbox 360 it simply means that the online version of the game (know as xbox live on the xbox 360) is a different rating from the main part of the game. so for example if if the game is rated T and the message comes up the online part of the game is a different rating, if it is rated M and the message comes up it could be any other rating. etc.

Is there a game on xbox 360 like infamous?

Yeah but not really it's prototype, its like Jason Bourne meets in famous.

What game systems is Rock Band rated?

PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii

Is infamous 2 for xbox360?

Infamous 2 is by Sony and is a Playstation exclusive and will never be released for the Xbox 360