What is the worst gun in MW2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends on your playing style, but, I'd say the Ranger, the only good thing about it is that you can fire 2 shells at once.

Worst Primarys

FAL-semi automatic

Mini-Uzi-Spread to much

Worst Secondarys

AA12-Range Sucks

G18-Recoil Crazy

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Q: What is the worst gun in MW2?
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What gun in your opinion is the worst in MW2?

WORST GUN IN MW2 OUT OF ALL IS THE F200 LOOKS UGLY AND DOES NOTHIN!(only writing in caps coz i hate it lol)

What is the worst gun on mw2?

Either Striker, or MG4

Is there a secret gun to unlock on MW2?


What is the worst cod game ever?

The worst is black ops! Its surprising people acctually liked waw and mw2 better. Waw was the best until MW2 came along!

Is the m16 the noobest gun in MW2?


What is a good Spetsnaz gun in mw2?


What is the SMG in MW2?

sub-machine gun

Where do you go to get a modded gun on MW2?

There is no such think as modded gun but there is a modded controller.

How do you get a paintball gun on cod mw2?

You can't, there is none.

What is lmg in MW2?

Light Machine Gun = LMG

What is the strongest gun in MW2?

It's the UMP45 silenced. It is an overpowered gun. Or the Intervention or Barrett.

What does prestiege do in MW2?

it unlocks golden gun if you get to 14th pritige