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Q: What is the word that means to say something opposite to what is known that starts with the letter c?
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Is there a flower that starts with the letter n?

A flower that starts with the letter "n": nasturtium NARCISSUS also known as daffodil

What is a jack known as in America?

something that starts with "h"

What is something North Dakota is known for that starts with a e?


Something that starts with 'w' that the western US is known for?


What is a well known river in India that starts with a letter I?


What vegetable starts withe the letter q?

None known

What nationally known store starts with the letter o?


What is the Difference between opposite and polar opposite?

Opposite by definition; " Having a position on the other or further side of something." Polar opposite, is essentially the opposite of something that is of the further* side. Ergo, all polar opposites are opposites, but not all opposites are polar. For example: Word: Famous (Known about by many people) A polar opposite: Infamous (Well known for some bad quality or deed) Ordinary opposite Unknown (Not known or familiar) In summary, a polar opposite, is an opposite of the word within the same 'field' if you will.

What is INFAMOUS means the same as or opposite of?

"Infamous" means the opposite of "famous" because it refers to being well-known for something negative or bad, while "famous" refers to being well-known for something positive or good.

What does it start with?

"It" typically refers to something specific that has previously been mentioned or is known in the context of the conversation. Without more information, it is unclear what "it" specifically refers to in your question.

What is the opposite of mysterious?

Opposite of mysterious>obvious, open, apparent, evident.

The Navajos settled in an area known as the?

the answer starts with the letter "F" Four Corners