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People of the same time period are referred to as contemporaries.

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Q: What is the word for people of the same time period?
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What word best describes people born in the same period of time?


What is the name of the word people say when they say something at the same time?

The word people say when they say something at the same time is "jinx." They might also say "twins" or "snap."

How do you spell durning?

The spelling Durning is a surname.The word sought may be "during" (occurring in the same time period).

What is the everyday word for period of time?

A period of time is commonly called an era.

Can you give me a sentences with the word period?

How many spaces do you need after the word period? Is she having her period.

What eleven word means the same as people who were born around the same time?

The word is contemporary (12 letters) or contemporaries (14 letters).

Are the Hebrew word day and age the same.?

No. They are not the = yom (יום)age (as in era or time period) = tkufá (תקופה)

What is the definition of the word period?

The word PERIOD has several distinct uses.PunctuationA period (dot) is used to end a declarative statement or sentence.TimeA period is a measured interval of time, as in sports or archaeology.ChemistryA row of elements in the Periodic Table is called a period, designating elements which share the same number of atomic orbitals, or electron shells.EmphasisThe word "period" is used for controlling emphasis in an explanation or direction.Example : "There will be no discussion. Period."

What word mean the same as people who are born the same time?

Twins, triplets, quadruplets would be the words you seek.

What does a long time mean?

A long time gaze means to look at something very intently for an extended period of time. You could use the word stare to mean the same thing.

Is the morning a concrete noun?

No, the word 'morning' is an abstract noun, a word for a period of a day; a word for a period of time.All words for time are abstract noun because time is a concept.

What is a sentence using the word simultaneosly?

Since the word "simultaneously" means "at the same time," you canuse it anywhere that you would use the phrase "at the same time. Thus, "the two people arrived at the corner simultaneously."