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Q: What is the word for a group of people that all agree on something?
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What do people mean when they say word?

Word can be said for many reasons. Like to agree with something or even a greeting.

What is another word for a group of people organizing something?


What does distributed?

The word distributed is defined as handing or giving something out. When something is distributed it is passed out to someone or a group of people.

Is it better people are or people is?

'People are' - is the correct term. The word 'is' relates to something singular, whereas the word 'are' refers to a group. 'People' is a word for more than one person - therefore you use 'people are'

What doe the word committee mean?

a group of people who get together for something.

What is the word for to agree together especially secretly to do something wrong?


Is agrees a singular or plural verb?

No, the word 'agree' is a verb meaning to have the same opinion about something; to concur; to consent to do something; to be consistent with; a word for an action.A noun is a word for a person, a place, or a thing.The noun forms of the verb to agree are agreement and the gerund, agreeing.

What is a term that means that everyone can agree on the meaning or relevance of something?

The word is "consensus".

What is the correct pronunciation Of our?

The word our, meaning that something belongs to a group of people. The proper pronunciation of our rhymes with the word hour. The ou makes the ow sound.

What is the word for a word that is only used in a group of people?

group or crowd

What is a sentence using the word agree?

1. Yes, I do agree with you.2. I must agree that it was wrong to lock him in the closet.3. I cannot believe that you do not agree with this!4. Is there anything you two can agree on?5. Lets find something we can agree on.

What is the word for a group of people that goes to a dance?

The word for a group of people that goes to a dance is dance attendees.