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Q: What is the white ghost called on Mario?
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When does Mario get the ghost fruit in super Mario galaxy 2?

well first of all there's no such thing as a ghost fruit. its called ghost mushroom and you first get it in the first ghost galaxy.

What is the scariest ghost?

An indonesian ghost called kuntilanak It has long hair and a white face

What are the expert staff ghosts on Mario kart wii called?

you have to get 7 seconds before the Nintendo ghost data

What is the scariest ghost ever?

scariest ghost is called 처녀귀신 in korean, and its a she, and she has long, straight black hair and a bloody face, a white gown.

What do you do when there is a ghost in Mario galaxy 2?

A ghost is created when Luigi does a mission. Any time Mario or Luigi goes into the finished mission, and touches the ghost, the ghost does the exact moves that Luigi did-without dying. Follow it, and you could do well.

What is the name of the ghost on paper Mario?


Was Casper the friendly ghost a white ghost?

Yes, Caper the friendly ghost was a white ghost. At least, white is the color he appeared to be. Check out a picture of him:

What is the regular staff ghost on Mario kart wii?

The ghost that is already there on your first time trial.

On Mario kart wii is a fast staff ghost the same as an expert staff ghost?


How do you unlock Expert staff Ghost Data on Mario kart Wii?

you half to beat the ghost on time trail by 7 second's or so and it will either say a fast ghost appeared but first it will say a ghost has been created for Mario

How come you got a fast staff ghost but not an expert staff ghost?

A "Fast Staff Ghost" is the same as an "Expert Staff Ghost" in Mario Kart Wii

Where is steeple you fight the ghost at in paper Mario?

be nice