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To be honest, it all depends on the God Card`s effect. Obelisk has 4000, and this can`t drop, making him my personal favorite. Slifer`s attack is 1000 x every card in your hand, so if you don`t have many cards in your hand Slifer isn`t very good. Ra`s attack is the attack of all the monsters you tributed for him combined, so he`s not as good if you tributed sucky monsters for him.

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Q: What is the weakest Egyptian god card?
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What is the Main Egyptian god card?

The main Egyptian god card is Obelisk the Tormentor.

What is the most likely pack to get an Egyptian God card?

None. No legitimate God Card will ever come in a pack.

Can you get an Egyptian god card at target?

Egyptian god cards are rare so probably not. You would have better luck online or from a private collector.

Can you attack with monsters you are going to summon an Egyptian god card?

You can however you can only summon in your second Main Phase and cant attack with the God Card after.

Can Egyptian god cards be destroyed?

YES by their effect or by the card "Pyramid Of Light"

On nightmare troubadour what do you do after the expert cup?

Find Ishizu and get and the Egyptian god card.

What card can destroy an Egyptian god card?

yes the same way yugi beat the blue eyes ultimate

Can you combine the Egyptian god cards?

Yes, it is a Jappanese fusion card called Horakhty.

Can you Special Summon an Egyptian God card from the Graveyard?

Egyptian God cards can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. However, their card effect states that, "When this card is Special Summoned, it is sent to the Graveyard during the End Phase" (according to the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009 versions).

How can you tell if an Egyptian god card is fake?

on a normal monster card the edges are white for fake cards otherwise gray or black. god cards basically the same.

What is the value of an Egyptian god card?

if you live in u.s. it is worth $60 but for u.k. it is worth £50

What is written in Japanese on the Egyptian god cards?

The Japanese text at the bottom of the God Cards says "This card cannot be used in a duel."