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4D2A5A81 4E69A107 Battle Frontier

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Q: What is the warp code to battle frontier emerald?
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What is the warp code to battle frontier ruby?

it is in the poke center

Is there a gameshark code to get a totodile in Pokemon emerald?

there is... but i don't know yet..or go to the battle frontier and then to the battle factory here's the code : Warp to Battle Frontier 19C67C656689 94318B106757 Then talk to the person...bla,bla,bla...go in...your Pokemon will be on the safekeeping,then choose 3 rental Pokemon...activate the code...when you go to the door,you'll have the rental Pokemon ! (This is called stealing rental pokemons) carefull ! these rental Pokemon will erase your Pokemon party..!

What is the Pokemon emerald code to warp to southern island?


Action replay code to warp ANYWHERE in Pokemon platinum i would enjoy if there was a 1 to warp to anywhere in the battle frontier. i beat the game but im trying to use a code to warp around plz help.?

Im sry there isent one ive checked every ware ull have to make do but that would be cool

Is there a Game Shark warp code to get to Mirage Island on Pokemon Emerald?

Mirage Island Game Shark CodeThere are no Gameshark Warp codes in Emerald to get to Mirage Island. There is a code but it will hardly work7572668C A25C844CUse this and maybe you can get there

How do you steal rental Pokemon in battle frontier?

From what I've heard from other people, you can't. I've seen it work before, but the only way to do it is with the warp code from using a gameshark.

How do you get all your pokemons on Pokemon emerald version to level 100?

get vba and go to go on codes and chose gba codes get warp codes and get battle frontier warp there get fly any where code go to battle factory and choes open lv when u get Pokemon u need and fly PS get week Pokemon s so u want lose Ur favorite Pokemon s put them in PC

What is the action replay code to warp to the southern island in Pokemon diamond?

you can only warp to the southern island in Emerald version if that's what you meant. You'd need a Gameshark for Emerald version.

How do you activate the warp code in emerald?

You Type The Gameshark code in and the next door you walk in you teleport(depending if the code works)

What is an Action Replay code to warp to the Southern Island in Pokemon Emerald?

F0EC26B8 31EC5657

Where is the Battle Factory Pokemon Emerald and How do you get to it?

after you have beaten the elite four you will receive a ticket from this guy or your mother then a person will be waiting for you out side then you will be at the Battle frontier and some one will give you a frontier pass then when you get out go left to where two geeks are then hopefully they should be there or you can use the warp code and since i am generous i will give it to you 4D2A5A81 4E69A107 and if you want i will tell you a secret when you get to the battle factory save the game and disable your cheats when you choose your three Pokemon ENEBLE the cheats. i have gotten milotic, shuckle dark charizard but you will nedd the shiny code for dark charizard from the Pokemon legend Isaac Duffy

How do you create warps on Pokemon emerald?

i think you have to add a new code when you press sideways on the gameshark, on the warp. It will mostly work in emerald