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Q: What is the walk through walls cheat code in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Walk through walls cheat code for Pokemon HeartGold?

do what is the walkthrough walls action replay code for Pokemon heartgold.

What is a cheat to walk through walls on Pokemon platinum?

the cheat is walk anywhere or run anywhere

How do you get the walk through walls cheat in Pokemon diamondpearl?

get a action replay

What is the Pokemon Blue walk through walls cheat code?


Do you have a cheat code for Pokemon Diamond to walk through walls?


How do you walk through walls cheat in Pokemon platinum?

u kick them

How do you stop walking through the walls on Pokemon diamond?

I say you deactivate the cheat from whatever cheat menu you have

How do you get walk through walls with out action replay in Pokemon pearl?

You cant! its a cheat

How do you enable the walk through walls cheat in Pokemon pearl?

By tapping it once.

In Pokemon gold what is the cheat to walk-through walls?

you need action replay

How do you get walk through walls cheat on Pokemon Diamond without cheating?

You can't

How can you get in the last gym in Pokemon Crystal?

look up cheat codes for pokemon crystal and use walk through walls cheat. Its as simple as that!