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Q: What is the various names of lord muruga for girl babies starting letter as 'sh'?
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What are the various modern names of lord muruga for boy babies?

1.Yugan 2.Karthik 3.Skandan 4.Mayur(associated iwth lord muruga)

When was Muruga Booker born?

Muruga Booker was born on 1942-12-27.

Is vivek Kumar god muruga's name?

The names individually refer to God Muruga. God Muruga is a South Indian God. The names have lost popularity due to the name being overly-common.

What is Ganesha's brother's name?


What is meaning of Rithun?

Lord Muruga's Vel....

Which caste director muruga doss belong to?


What is thaipusam day?

A festival occurring in the Tamil month Thai (January-February), the day of the star Pusam around Pournami (Full Moon) is celebrated as Thai Pusam. It is a special day for worship of Lord Muruga (also known as Subrahmanya or Thendayuthapani) and is celebrated in a very grand manner at all Murugan temples, especially at the 'Aaru Padai Veedu' of Murugan (These are six temples in India especially dedicated to Lord Muruga). This festival honours Muruga or Subramanya, the son of Shiva.

Is Lord Muruga a mythological god?

Murugan or Mayuri Kandasamy called Subrahmanya is a popular Hindu deity among Tamil Hindus.

Who is stronger muruga or Ganesha?

To know whether Muruga or Ganesha is stronger we must know the seven basic Hindu gods.THE SEVEN BASIC HINDU GODSThey are,1. Indra - god of dreaming - father - in - law of Muruga2. Shakti - god of illusion3. Brahma - god of creativity4. Vishnu - god of stabilization5. Shiva - god of determination - father of Muruga and Ganesha6. Shani - god of status increase7. Yama - god of compulsion.GANESHA - THE HINDU GOD OF OBSTACLES:Ganesha is also known as Vighneshwara or master of obstacles. He adds or removes obstacles in the path of our activities. Like Muruga, he is the son of Shiva. Ganesha can barter power between activities. Thus, he can enable us to execute mighty tasks with a small force.Ganesha finds mention in the fourth century and thus very new compared to Muruga.MURUGA - THE OMNIPOTENT GODIn marked contrast to Ganesha, the power of Muruga extends even beyond that of the seven basic gods.1. Muruga is married to Devasena, the daughter of Indra.2. With many pairs of arms, he is a Shakti god.3. With six heads, he is creative, like Brahma.4. Being son of Shiva, he gets his power also.5. Being born in Sara Vana, near the Ganges, he enables us to take advantage of our materialistic knowledge also.He has mention in Tamil literature dated BCE, in Atharva Veda, Maha Bharatha, Artha Shastra, Kumarasambhavam and in the works of Patanjali.He is popular in south India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore.While Muruga can be worshipped as the only god, Ganesha can be worshipped just as the first god.Thus, in all respects, Muruga is more powerful than Ganesha.

Who is Kartakeia?

Kartakeia is a fictional character from Greek mythology. She is the goddess of hunting, wilderness, and childbirth, often associated with wild animals and the moon. She is a virgin goddess who is known for her independence and fierce nature.

What is the meaning of the name arumugam?

Lord Muruga is having six faces and twelve hands. For this reason, he has been also called as Lord Arumugam. In tamil Arumugam means one who has six faces. Being the God of Tamilians He has been celebrated in almost all parts of Tamil Nadu. The bird Peacock is vehicle of Lord Muruga and we can find an idol of peacock in front of him.

Can i get ar muruga dass film director address with mail id?

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