What is the theme of Halo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is a syfy fps shooter

its about a alien race (covenant) which religion says that they must activate special rings that will destroy all life. you play a character (master chief) that goes around killing aliens until you've killed them all and the battle is won!

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Q: What is the theme of Halo?
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Where is there Halo theme song on trumpet?

Halo Theme on the trumpet

What is the name of the Halo Wars theme song?

The Halo Wars Theme Song. LOL

What is the halo theme song called?

the halo theme songs have all been composed by martin o'donnel, i am not sure what the overall halo theme song is, i think it is just called halo theme, however i do no the name of the new halo reach theme song, the song is called lone wolf and was first heard in the world premiere. hope this helps one of the main themes was called Mjolnir Mix, which has been tweaked since the first Halo game

What is the halo theme song really called?

The main theme for halo (with the choir in the back) is know as "Opening Suite" by Martin O'Donnell.

Will there be a Lego halo theme?

No!.....your silly

In the beginning of the Halo games there's a song. What is it called?

Halo Theme. It varies slightly between Halo 1, 2, and 3.

What songs are played on the teennick HALO Awards?

The THEME song is Halo- by Beyonce and that's because its teennick HALO awards. :) Happy for you to choose my answer!

How do you use a Guitar Hero guitar on Halo 3?

You Dont. You can download the theme song off marketplace to be able to play halo's theme song on Guitar hero 3

Where can you get the tabs for halo theme for an acoustic guitar? Click on the "GProTab" link and it will directly download the tabs for the Halo theme.

What games has a good theme and character interaction?

halo and uncharted

Is there a french horn part for the Halo theme song?


Halo 3 theam song?

What about it, it was used in all the halo's If u want the mp3 goto Google and type halo theme song mp3 download