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Zezima was a college dorm project so Zezima was not a boy or a girl ,but both. I will refer to "it" as he for now. Zezima was also famous for being a very old account ancient compared to most. Now it's an unknown fact if Zezima was a mod ,but I'll get into that later. Zezima has quit close to 4 or 5 times and come back each time. I think just to get his account more popular. Before my account was deleted zezima appeared in 2009 before the Thanksgiving event. I saw him and followed him to the soul wars. I think it was because he wanted to get more ingredients for summoning. Zezima was made in 2001 now different than any other, but he would not quit his first time till 2005. He was the first person to reach 99 in everything before summoning. Then he quit and was beaten to the title by girtjaars. Zezima was only famous because of his age and understanding of the game before runescape told everybody every thing about the game. Which made him seem god like to the game. He also had the best items before the could be easily accessed with the G.E. Zezima was not a mod because Zezima broke many of the rules which may have lead to some of his "disappearances." thought there is strong evidence to support the fact that he could have been a mod like he understood the game outstandingly before anyone else. Zezima is famous for appearing in many runescape shorts, moves, and events to bring people to them. Zezima did much more in his Runescape life time that just this, but little is known about him at this time. I hope this helps.

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2011-09-15 10:44:17
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Q: What is the story with Zezima from RuneScape?
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