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Q: What is the steal Pokemon code for Pokemon Yellow?
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Is there a code for steal trainer's Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

Yes. This code is for the Gameboy (Color) GameShark: 010156D0 After putting in this code for Pokemon Yellow, you can catch trainer's Pokemon.

What is the steal Pokemon code for Pokemon emerald?

Steal Trainers Pokemon F14e5bf8 48e23757 8e883eff 92e9660d

What is the Pokemon LeafGreen steal people Pokemon code?

There are none.

Is there a code to steal trainers Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

Unfortunately there is not.

Is there a Pokemon Platinum Steal Pokemon code?

Yes there is a platinum steal code for action replay, my friend has it. I'm not sure about the code, though. I hope I helped with anything.

What is the AR code to steal Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl version?

Pokemon RULES

Code to steal Pokemon in ruby?

Steal Other Trainers pokemon: B6c5368a 08be8ff4 6fd6o8d0 B9151d51 084197ca

Pokemon ruby gameshark steal Pokemon code English version?


How you steal Pokemon in emerald?

You cannot steal Pokemon but if you have a gameshark you can put it into your GBA (Gameboy Advance) and enter in a code for stealing the rental Pokemon.

What is the code to steal trainers Pokemon in emerald?


What is the action replay code to steal other trainers Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

you can't. :(

How do you steal Pokemon from the battle in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't. But if you have a device called action replay, there is a code that lets you steal other pokemon. or go to your wife and ask to have lunch