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Depends what country is getting the PS3 because they make models for the 220 power grid and for the USA electrical supply

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Q: What is the size of voltage on a playstation three power cord?
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Is the PlayStation 2 power cord compatible with a PlayStation 3?

No. The PlayStation 3 requires it's own cord. the PlayStation 2 cord is much thinner than that of a PS3.

Can you use a playstation power cord for a regular Xbox?


Can you use PlayStation 2 power cords on palystation 1?

No you can not use PlayStation 2 cord on PlayStation 1

Is there a longer power cord I can buy for my Playstation?

Yes there are 9 foot replacement cords available for the Playstation console.

Your wd passport is not working for your PS3?

A much shorter cord can produce extra voltage. Apparently its the lack of voltage from wd passport to the playstation that's the issue

What is that black box in a laptop power cord?

That is a transformer, it lowers the voltage coming from the plug to a lower voltage that the laptop can handle.

How do power cords differ?

Power cords have different voltage rate, example 7A/125V cord can hold much voltage than 3A/125V. The higher the current flow can melt the lower type of power cord that is dangerous and can cause fire. Base on my knowledge there are different types of power cords according to the ampere and voltage needed.

How do you connect a three prone power cord to the stove?

To connect a three prong power cord to a stove, remove the back of the stove and take off the old cord using a screwdriver. Connect the new cord according to the wire colors with the screwdriver.

Which voltages are supported by a Toshiba power supply?

The input voltage range for the Toshiba power supply is AC 100V - 240V. The output voltage is DC 19V / output current is 4.74A. This power supply comes with a power cord and packaging will state voltage recommended for the product.

What does the AV cable for a PlayStation 3 look like?

If you have a PlayStation 2, you know how it has it's own slot in the back to plug an A/V cord into. No other kind of cord will fit into this spot. It's the same for the PlayStation 3. On one end there is the special PlayStation adapter, and on the other side there is the standard A/V adapter (the three cords colored red, yellow, and white).

What the max distance for a seow power supply cord for a portable machine?

There are three factors that come into play here. One is what is the amperage of the load. The other is the distance or length you want to be from the portable machine and the size of the wire in the cord. Without these values I can not calculate the voltage drop.

Can a playstation cord work on a Nintendo 64?