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135x189x14mm Hope this helped you! By the way its the size of a normal DVD case =)

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Q: What is the size of a ps2 game case?
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Measurements to a ps2 game case?

Hello there!Couldn't find the exact ps2 case size. But I'm pretty sure its the same as a regular DVD caseps2 game caseSize: 135*189*14mmI hope I helped you!

Is the size of ps2 CD and computer CD same?

The DVD for PS2 and the CD for a Computer game or a DVD for a computer game are the same size and so is the PS3 Blue Ray Discs.

Check region code on a ps2 game?

To find the region code of PS2 games check the upper left corner of the game case. It will have a logo that specifies the region code.

How big is a Xbox game case?

The game case of an Xbox/Xbox 360 is about the size of a regular DVD case, while a Playstation 3's game case is the size of a Blue-ray case.

What is a PS2 game?

a game for ps2

Is the game Skate available on ps2?

no it is not a PS2 game

Do they have the game moonwalker for ps2?

No it is not a PS2 game title

Is where the wild things are game for ps2?

No it is not a PS2 game, but is a PS3 game

Will your sims 3 game work on your PS2?

No it is not a PS2 game so it will not work on the PS2

If you want to play ps2 DVD- rom your PC sHow is to push x in th case what can you do?

The PC does not have the software to play a PS2 game and you need to not only download an emulation program like PCSX2, but you need a copy of the PS2 Bios from your PS2

How do you get bigfooth on PS2?

It was a Nintendo NES game and not a PS2 game

How you do the PC game super Metroid for ps2?

A PS2 does not play a PC game, but it is a Nintendo Game and also not played by the PS2