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There is no secret.

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Q: What is the sims 3 riverview secret?
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I bought Sims 3 then Sims 3 world adventures but I don't have Riverview?

that is because you have to download riverview from the sims 3 website!

How do you download riverview for sims 3? This is a link to the official Riverveiw download.

How do you get riverview for the sims 3 without having to register?

to get riverview on sims 3 you have to go to the sims store and register. You cannot NOT register. It doesnt take long and its free! So just go on and buy it and install it :)

How do you get Riverview in sims3?

you can get it from the sims 3 website, but you must be a registered member.

Will sunset valley and riverview be in sims 3 ambitions?

Yes. You will be able to use them

How do you get Riverview the neighbourhood in The Sims 3?

you can download i from EA ( it's free

How do you get another neighborhood on the Sims 3?

Right now you can have 2 neighborhoods, sunset valley,and riverview, and if you go to you can download a FREE neighborhood,Riverview + you also got sim points for having Riverview

How the heck do you get riverview?

On the Sims 3 website,

Im having trouble to get another town in the sims 3?

if you have a profile on the sims 3 website, then you can get a free town, riverview. you can also make one, with the CaW tool, create-a-world

Where does don lothorio live in sims 3?

i dont think he lives in the sims 3. i have had the game for about five months, i have sunset valley and riverview but i never saw him in any of those towns. i think he's only in sims 2!

Are there other cities on Sims 3?

Yes, but you either need to buy an expansion pack (I don't know what ones) or go to the sim3 website and go to sims 3 store buy riverview (its free) or have a ton of sims 3 points and buy barnacle bay.

How do you get other areas besides sunset valley in sims 3 for PC?

at the start there is only one option, sunset valley. but if you visit the sims 3 website you can download a whole new area called riverview, for free.