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the secrete word is mogul

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Q: What is the secret mission in mission 1 in club penguin?
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What is the puffle mission on Club Penguin?

The puffle mission on Club Penguin is called "Case of the Missing Puffles". It is mission 1. You can only do it by being a secret agent. See the related links below of how to complete the mission.

What mission on club penguin is mission 1?

the case of the missing puffles

What do you do in club penguin mission 1?

i don't now

What is the answer to the riddle in mission 1 on club penguin?


Where are the puffins in Club Penguin Mission 1?

They are on top of the mountain.

What is the answer to G's riddle on mission 1 on club penguin?


How do you go in the lighthouse in Club Penguin in mission 1?

POoh Pooh

What do you do on club penguin mission 1?

find aunt artic's puffles

What does the pass code say on club penguin?

mission 1: mogul

Were do you find telescope on club penguin mission 1?

light house

How many sockes does dr g have in mission 1 club penguin?

i forgot how many but the number of socks is written in a secret code message in the petshop, figure it out by using g's secret code letters

Misson 1 cheats on club penguin?

To get the cheats, go to Google search and type in "club penguin cheat guide to mission 1" and it will either come up with a video or a website that has the mission guide in steps.