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Right in the middle of the gray section

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Q: What is the right Mona Lisa in replaying the game?
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In replaying the game game which Mona Lisa is the right Mona Lisa in the level art?

3rd row, 8th column

What are 2 differences between the mona Lisa pictures in white collar basic training game?

1. The black border around Mona A 2. The cracks on her forehead on Mona B

Where is the green key in garfield's scary scavenger hunt the game?

GO TO THE ROOM NEXT TO THE RED ROOM and click on the mona lisa picture

What stratagy is magic squares?

This is a game show now replaying on the retro channel.

Is there an action replay code for replaying a special event in Pokemon Platinum?

i don't think so, the only way to replay somthing in Pokemon platinum is to start a new game,because the action replay wasnt made for replaying certain events in a game.

What is the capital of mona co?

it is capital of empire of mona in ikariam online game.

Where can one watch The Game Plan for free?

To watch The Game Plan for free, I would first search your local television stations, it has been replaying many times on certain stations. If you would like to watch right now, you can choose to watch online.

How do you get 15 charm to date on kingdom days?

I'm sorry but the only way i can think of is replaying the game and getting 15 charms

What do numbers and letters mean on border of chess boards?

They identify each individual square - as seen from the players perspective. They are especially useful when replaying a game.

How do you complete the Lisa saw game?

Just search, "Lisa Simpson saw game walkthrough" and you'll find comprehensive videos and text to assist you in completing the game.

How can you replay boss levels you've already beaten in Wario Land Shake It?

Replaying levels in the game can be done either by restarting the game or using cheat codes to open up options for repeat play.

How do you chage outfits on Tomb Raider anniversary?

You can try outfits on in croft manor, or if youre replaying a level you should get the option before you start it. You have to complete the game though.