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I have heard that it is coming out May 8, 2012, May 9, 2012, or some time in December 2012. To pass the time, you can get an Indie game called Total Miner Forge. A bit like minecraft, but not quite.

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Q: What is the release date for minecraft for the Xbox 360?
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How do you update Minecraft xbox?

Usually when you start up minecraft on an update release date a gray box will pop up asking if you would like to update minecraft xbox 360 edition ,then answer yes i would like to update then there you go your minecraft is updated.If you were wondering about the update we xbox people are a few updates behind.Currently minecraft xbox 360 is on 1.0.1 ,not to far away from 1.5.

What is the release date for TU9 in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition?

5 to 10 days of cert testing and we'll see the update

Are there aliens on Minecraft Xbox 360?

yes there are aliens on minecraft xbox 360

Will minecraft xbox 360 edition have mods?

according to minecraft wiki yes but much later after the games release on xbox

How do you get pixelmon on Xbox 360?

how to get minecraft xbox 360

When is Minecraft for the Xbox 360 to be released?

The official date is unknown. Actually It can be bought as an arcade for xbox 360 on may the 9th (previously april.)

Does minecraft xbox 360 download have all the stuff you could get from a disk for xbox 360?

There is no disk version for XBox 360. The download version is always the most up to date one.

Can I beat Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

yes, it had the end update on release

Can you do mods on minecraft xbox 360 edition?

Currently Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition doesn't have mod support so no mods can be installed, but when it is added, the creator of 'mo creater' will probably release it soon after.

Are strongholds in minecraft xbox 360 edition yet?

as of this answering date yes I think so

Which Xbox Minecraft is multiplayer?

There is only one version of Minecraft for the Xbox 360.

What XBox's run Minecraft?

The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One