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The redeem code for Just Dance 4 is for the 2 exclusive songs that you can download after entering the code.

Where to find the codes?

You can find it on any medium sized bag of Cheetos. You'll know if you have the right bag of Cheetos because you will see a Just Dance 4 logo in the top corner of the bag. To enter the code and get either one of the songs, you go to where you'll enter the special code on the front of the Cheetos bag you purchased. If you entered it in correctly it will give you the code for your Wii. You just enter it as you see it into the redeem code part of the online Just Dance 4 shop. Once done entering the code, hit "continue" and you will be presented with either of the two songs available for download.

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Q: What is the redeem code for just dance 4?
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What is the redeem code for AQW?

either you just buy a redeem code from a store or just act like a loser and sit down on your spare time and guess(the first 4 digits are 8293)

What is a code for just dance 4?

147228905 go to and input this code. It will generate a code for you or use code JD4-0BBq-J5LQ-R135-FVYH

Has just dance 4 come out?

Not yet only Just dance, Just dance 2, and Just dance 3!!!!

How many songs are in just dance 4?

Just dance 4 has 43 songs on it

When does just dance 4 come out?

Just Dance 4 will come out October 9, 2012.

How many songs are on just dance 4?

just dance 4 has 44 songs on it in all!

Can you get 6 stars on just dance 4?

you can't get 6 stars on just dance 4

Where do you go on the Xbox too redeem a Xbox live code?

Here are the directions= 1. press the middle xbox button on your controller 2. move to the most left tab ( analog sticks) 3. And on one of the options it says redeem code 4. click on redeem code 5. type in your code 6. Enjoy, your xbox live!

Is just dance 4 the same thing as just dance 2014?

No, in fact just dance 2014 is a huge boost up from just Dance 4. With an improved interface, and more fun choreography.

When will just dance 4 come out in Redbox?

just dance 4 will be coming out in redbox next month

Does just dance 4 have gang man style?

Yes Just dance 4 does have gangNAM style.

What Are All The Just Dance Games For Nintendo Wii?

This is based on opinion, but personally I love Just Dance 2! Not Just Dance one... I have yet to play Just Dance 3.