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i dont know u give me the answer

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Q: What is the real name for spring string flyers in 5 letters?
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Collective name for Stringed instruments six letters?

There are multiple answers to specific string instruments of 6 letters. These include the string examples of the guitar and violin.

A name of a spring flower with the letters rwdopons?


Can you name me a season with 6 letters?

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Why is it a bad idea to name your class string?

If you are talking about Java, that will cause confusion with the built-in "String" class. Sure, Java will distinguish "String" (with an uppercase "S") from "string" (which has no uppercase letters), but it can be confusing for the programmer. In various other programming languages, the situation may be similar.

What do the bits of string symbolise on a Jew's belt?

Those represent the letters "Yod Hey Vav Hey" or Yahweh, being the name of God.

How did Philadelphia flyers get their name?

The Flyers got their name through a contest. Bill Putnam announced there would be a contest to decide the name of the Philadelphia hockey team, and many attempted to win the contest. It was the sister of Ed Snider (who owns the Philadelphia Flyers) that suggested the name Flyers, and Ed Snider saw it as a winning name. Over 100 entries were labeled as "Flyers" and a drawing was held to determine which one would be the winner. It was Alec Stockard, at that time a 9-year-old boy, who won the drawing, although he did misspell the name and wrote "Fliers."

What is an all girls running team name?

The Feminine Flyers

What is the name of the louisianna lacrosse team?

the name of the louisianna lacrosse team, is the " Loyola flyers".

Why are the flyers called the flyers?

The name came about through a contest. Phyllis Snider is supposed to have suggested the name, and over 100 people submitted the name to the contest. A little boy named Alec won the resultant drawing.

What was the name of the wright bros aircraft?

The Wright Flyers 1,2,and3

Is string a common noun?

Yes, string is a common noun, a word for any string of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:David Gage String Instruments, New York, NYString Bridge, Exeter, NHBoston Spring Players (orchestra, non-profit), Watertown, MA"A Cat, A Hat, and A Piece of String", a book of short stories by Joanne Harris"Man on a String", 1960 movie with Ernest Borgnine

What is a good name for a string quartet?

nuno flores string quartet or corvonuno string quartet