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the rare item is hidden behind lucky number 07..

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โˆ™ 2009-01-19 21:22:50
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Q: What is the rare collectible code for can you see what i see games?
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Which collectible Japanese eraser is the most rare?

well i would see the 1000 dollar green apple with 10 parts is the most rare japanese eraser

When does a ghost appear in virtual villagers 4 tree of life?

Ghosts usually appear to point out rare collectibles. You start to see ghosts once you have completed the Mausoleum Collection. Once you see one, pause the game (spacebar) and you might see a rare collectible beside it.

Where do you see the code in ds games?

on the back

What is a key code?

A key code is a promotional code or a key used on games to see its legal or what not.

How do you get a friend code for Nintendo DSi?

The DSi doesn't have a friend code, it is individual games that have them. To get the friend code for the game, you'd have to specify which games. For example you see your Final Fantasy 3 friend code if you use Mognet, and you get a friend code for the pokemon games when you use your Pal Pad.

What is the Action Replay on Pokemon heart gold for 999x rare candies?

See Rare candies would fall under medicine, therefore you would do the x900 medicine code.

How can you get all games back without a disk for action replay?

you can see at you tube the code to have your games back. But better is to put the games that you like

What is a 3ds game's serial number?

in most of the boxes of 3DS games you can see a paper of club nintendo with the code writen on it. same with most DS games as well. note:not all games have the code.

Is a coin with no mint mark considered collectible?

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Get rare candy on Pokemon?

Rare candy. The candy that levels up Pokemon. On HG and SS, you can find rare candies with your treasure finder thing. DPPt, you can find them in pokeball thingies you see around the Pokemon world. Same as the rest of the games.

Is the wolf common or rare?

A wolf is rare to see in the USA, and Canada.

Pokemon platinum action replay code to see the contents of an egg?

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