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When unnown pokemon gather they open up a new dimension or portal. There's this whole pokemon movie about it. Its called Pokemon 3: The Movie.

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Q: What is the purpose of the unknown Pokemon?
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Is Unknown a legendary Pokemon?

Unknown is not a legendary Pokemon but it is considered rare. Legendary Pokemon are one of a kinds.

In Pokemon FireRed how do you get to unknown dungeon?

what the pooperscoopers is the unknown dungeon in Pokemon firered you dummies?!

Who is Pokemon 114 in Pokemon peal?

The Pokemon is : Unknown

Where do you find the unknown dungeon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it is unknown

How do you get to unknown cave in pokemon heartgold?

There is no Unknown Cave!!

What is the 114 Pokemon in the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon Diamond?

that Pokemon would be unknown!there are 26 variation of unknown they all are based on the alphabet and you can capture them at the solaceon ruins.also if you capture the unknown you can get letter seals and place them on your Pokemon!when you choose that Pokemon the letters will be there!

Were do you find Pokemon unknown letter A in Pokemon diamond version?

Unknown(sorry about my spelling) Letter A is the rarest Unknown in all games. You are more likely to find a shiny Pokemon then Unknown A but if you are dedicated then go for it but prepare for frustration.

What do shiny Pokemon look like?

Well you know how any unknown pokemon is grey, a shiny unknown pokemon would be blue

Is there a ledionary Pokemon in unknown cave in Pokemon pirl?


How do you get the Pokemon unknown on Pokemon Platinum?

The Solaceon Ruins.

Is unknown a ledgendary pokemon?


How do you get Unknown N and Unknown P in Pokemon Silver?

You have to do all of the puzzles first, then you can get all of the unknown.