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Some one told me its a location for a Nintendo event Pokemon one of the legendarys but other than that i have no clue

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Q: What is the purpose of the alternative cave on emerald?
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Alternative cave in emerald?

some event

Where is the emerald cave?

there is no emerald cave but there are other caves in emerald.

Where is the entora cave in Pokemon emerald?

There is no Entora cave in Pokémon Emerald. There are many caves in Pokémon Emerald such as the Altering Cave.

Which Pokémon is in the cave of orgin in Pokémon Emerald?

There is no Pokemon in the Cave of Origin in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get to the underwater cave in Pokemon emerald?

how 2 get in the under warter cave on Pokemon emerald

What is Stephen's Cave in Pokemon Emerald?

it is a cave

Where is the emerald in wayward cave in Pokemon diamond?

There is no emerald in the Wayward Cave on T.M 26 which is Earthquake

Where is Kyogre on emerald?

In the cave of origin and marine cave.

Where is kyoger in emerald?

The cool thing about emerald is that you can get 2 kyogres in the game: One in the cave of origin the other in marine cave.

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Groudon?

You can get a Groudon on Pokemon Emerald in Terra Cave.

The Cave Of Origin Pokemon emerald?

Nothing exciting happens there on emerald.

Where is emerald cave in Pokemon Soulsilver?

There is no cave in Pokemon Soulsivler called Emerald cave. If you are talking about the Embedded Tower which is where Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza can be caught than that is on route 47 west of Cianwood city. If that's not what you are looking for than tell me and i will tell you but there is no Emerald cave.