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The punishment for using a private World of Warcraft server can range from temporary loss of your real account to permanent closure of your account. However, Blizzard usually does not discuss the actions taken with accounts so it is not really known exactly what happens.

The punishment for HOSTING a private server can be much more severe. Blizzard has been known to sue the hosting party for millions of dollars.

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Q: What is the punishment for using a wow private server?
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What is a wow private server?

A private server on World Of Warcraft is just that, a private server on World Of Warcraft.

Do you need wow to play on a private server?

you do need wow to play on any server

Is omega wow an American wow private server?

Yes, and it is a really great private server,No hacks allowed. Omega wow is the best private server around. if you have questions you can always post on the board. The best thing its free and a lot of friendly people are playing there. It is a really cozy server. half of the world aRE HOOKED ON IT WOW

Is there a code that resets a wow private server?

Only a GM/Gms of the server can do that.

How do you get into a private server on WOW?

Look it up on youtube.

How come your wow private server is always down it says login server is down?

Er you mind trying other private servers??and which private server?

What happens if you are caught playing on a wow private server?

I don't think there is any penalty for playing on a private server.

What is a private server on World of Warcraft?

A private server on WoW is a server made by someone else than Blizzard. But playing or creating a private server is very illegal, so i wouldn't recommend playing private server.

Can you install cataclysm on wow when you have a private server?

It is currently not known what effects it will have to install Cataclysm and using a private server. Since the world-changing events of the coming patch 4.0.3 will change the world completely, it is possible that any WoW client upgraded to 4.0.3 or higher can no longer access or run when connected to a private server that is not also 4.0.3.

What is wow mortal?

WoWMortal is a World of Warcraft Private Server

Aruarose a private server?

Yes, it seems to be a private server. There are no servers named Aurarose on the default WoW server list, which is the one that you should use.

Why is my favorite World of Warcraft Private Server's login down?

If you are playing WoW on a Private Server, you have no legal rights for tech support beyond what you get from the Admins of that server. Because of this, any technical difficulties you experience with WoW you will have to contact them for.