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im not that sure but i think its 10 master balls.

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Q: What is the prize at the counter for getting 10 bonus rounds on the Slot machine in Pokemon Platinum?
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What hidden machine do they have at Iron Island in Pokemon Platinum?


Where can you find the Dowsing Machine on Pokemon Platinum?

its a poketch app.

What does the dowsing machine do on Pokemon platinum?

that's how you find hidden items

Where to get the drowsing machine in Pokemon platinum?

Dawn/Lucas gives it to you in route 207

How do you get the dowsing machine in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to beat Lucas (Rival #2) At some point.

How do you pick up a item with the drowsing machine on Pokemon Platinum?

How do you pick up an item with the drowsing machine n pokemon platinum? I geuss it would be like Pokemon Diamond and Heart Gold. I love pokemon and from my experiences, when the drowsing machine beeps at a rapid pace in one place, press A (if on DS) even though nothings there. This answer is coming from a girl so that's pretty cool for me!

What does the dowsing machine collect on platinum?

You can obtain potions and other helpful items for you and your Pokemon. You'll also need to use the dowsing machine in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to find this lady's Suite key because she lost from watching the scenery around her.

Do you get a reward for finding the suite key in pokemon platinum?

Yes she does. If you find it (use Dowsing Machine) she will give you a White Flute. Only in Platinum though.

How do you use the dowsing machine poketch app on Pokemon Platinum?

I am thinking you get it from the poketech company. correct me if i am wrong

Pokemon Platinum 99 TM?

There are only 92 TMs in Pokémon Platinum, plus 8 HMs resulting in exactly 100 machine taught moves.

How do you transfer celibe to Pokemon Black and White?

If you have Celebi on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver, you can use the PokeTransfer machine in Pokemon Black and White to transfer it.

Where can you find hidden machine Surf in Pokemon Platinum?

i think its in Celestic Town Ruins. Cynthia's Grandmother will give you it.