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Q: What is the price of a shiny dark Charizard?
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Does anyone have a dark Charizard?

that is a shiny charizard. and you can only get lucky to get one.

Can i catch a dark Charizard in any Pokemon game?

No you can't catch a dark Charizard (shiny). You need to get the start pokémon Charmander shiny and level him up to Charizard. Chance of getting a shiny Charmander is 1/8192.

How do you get dark charzard with ar on pearl?

Breeding Charizard Until you Get a Shiny Charmander Then Evolve it Until it Reaches Charizard

How do you get dark Charizard in Pokemon diamond DS game?

Dark Charizard is just a normal charizard except in the shiny form, thus becoming a black charizard. I got mine from a friend illegitimately, i dont think there is a way to get it normally.

What color is shiny Charizard?

Shiny charizard is black with shiny skin.

How do you get dark Charizard onruby?

if you mean a black charizard then it is shiny. to get it you need to cheat or to get one in a trade. but without cheating i doubt you will get one

How do you get a black Charizard in Pokemon HeartGold?

the black charizard is actually a *shiny* charizard. so, if you just happen to get a shiny charmander/charmeleon, when you evolve it, it will become a black charizard.

Could there be a black Charizard?

Yes, there can be a black Charizard since a black Charizard is classified as a Shiny Pok

What is the ultimate Charizard?

the ultimate charizard is a shiny charizard i ave 1 its black and grey but FAT

Can you get a black Charizard without an action replay?

That would be a shiny charizard. You would have to get a shiny charmander as a starter, since there is no way to actually catch a charmander. A shiny Charmander is gold.

How can you get a shiny Charizard without action replay or pal pack?

Just get a Shiny Ditto and hopefully you will get a shiny Charmander egg that you can evolve to get a Black Charizard... Anyway i have to evolve my Larvitar into Tyranitar

What color is a shiny Charizard in Pokemon?

It is black.