What is the poke etch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is like a watch with gadgets on

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Q: What is the poke etch?
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If you beaten Cresselia in Pokemon platinum how do you get her back?

you have to follow her to catch her like with mesprit. just follow your poke etch

Can you get marking map after you beat the game in platinum?

of course you can if you go to the poke etch creator he gives you various due to how many badges you have

Where to find Cresselia after fullmoon island?

After you go to Full Moon island you need a Pokemon tracker to find Cresselia. To get one go to Jubilife city and search around for the poke etch company and talk to the guy in the purple suit .He will give you many upgrades to your poke watch (poke etch) for short and one of the upgrades is the poke tracker. Like Mespirit chase Cresselia around with your watch. A trick you can use with your watch involves flying. Fly to route 221 (Where the pal park is). Take 5 steps. The pokemon should have moved. Repeat until the pokemon is on route 221 (It will appear slightly to the left but is on route 221). Happy Hunting!

Who is etch in Toy Story?

'Etch' , who cannot speak but communicates through his screen , is an "Etch-A-Sketch" toy with a magic screen .

You cant beat the 4th elite four person any tips?

train ur Pokemon and look up on ur poke etch thing wat psychic's weakness is and get that kind of Pokemon and train it.

What kind of hazardous material would a window etch kit be?

A window etch kit would include acid, a corrosive material, to etch the glass.

What part of speech is the word etch?

The word etch is a verb. The past tense is etched.

Who invented etch-a -sketch?

The etch a Sketch toy was invented in the late 1950s by andre cassagnes

What word means to make a mark on metal?

etch, engraveetch, engraveetch, engraveetch, engrave

When was the Etch a Sketch first made?

the Etch a Sketch was made it the late 1950's by Andre Cassagnes.

Did Michelangelo etch his work?

No, he did not.

What is a etch a sketch?