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The perfects recipe for the coffee shop game on hot days is ice cream, cold soda, candies and cookies.

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Q: What is the perfect recipe for the coffee shop game on hot days?
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What is the worst coffee recipe in the game coffee shop?

the worst coffee recipe is when i stick my dirty gym sock in it. my elbow is rond haha:) nothing or too much coffee and nothing else for ten bucks

What is the perfect price in the game coffee shop?

about 3 $$ if you want more 6

What is the best recipe for the coffee shop game?

I say the best recipe is 2 coffee, 1 milk, and 2 sugar. For me the customers liked 2.8 coffee, 2 milk, 2.6 sugar. I sell it at 3.50. But they wont buy it at first you need to raise reputation by good coffee cheap prices then gradually raise it.

Where can you find the coffee shop game to play on the internet?

Coffee Shop and Coworking facillity located in the heart of Huntersville on historic Main Street. Enjoy artisan pastries, worldclass coffee, and our International Pantry.

What is the best Coffee Shop game recipe?

Coffee 2.2 Milk 1.0 Sugar 1.9 Works for me

What is the perfect ice cream recipe in the game ice cream truck?

i've put : ice cream 0.7 topping 0.7 and all the customers have enjoyed it the price depends on your popularity

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