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Wii Sports, with 61 million copies sold.

For games not bundled with the console, I believe Nintendogs on DS is #1.

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Q: What is the number one video game sold?
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Which video game classic is the best?

the best classic video game ever or the one that sold the most is super Mario bros.

Is game stop the number one video game store?

Statistically speaking Game Stop is the number one video game store. However, personal opinions may differ.

Do you have the 2009 Wheel of Fortune ps3 video game?

no there is a new one being sold

What is the mostly sold video game?

All the years the mostly sold video game is PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER that each year gets the biggest sold, beating the one from last year, and his biggest enemy is FIFA but all the year PRO EVOLUTION wins him by the double

What is the serial number Plants vs Zombies?

There is no one serial number for any game. Each comes with a unique serial number to each game sold.

Where can one purchase computer video game cards?

Someone can purchase computer video game cards from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of computer video game cards from numerous manufacturers.

Where can one get Call of Duty?

The Call of Duty game franchise is one of the most popular among game enthusiasts. It is very sought after so it is available anywhere video games are sold. Amazon and Gamestop are two great sites for video games.

What's the best Playstation 2 game?

grand theft auto san Andreas is the best ps2 game With 17.33 million sold it is the one with the highest number sold

How popular was the game Enter The Matrix?

Enter the Matrix was the first video game based on the popular Matrix movies. It was an incredibly popular video game, selling one million copies in the first eighteen days of its release. It sold 5 million copies overall.

What is the Wii points card number?

I Think gamestop might have one, or some video game store that just sells video games.

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Xbox 360 game console video game cheats can be located in a number of places. Publications such as gamer magazines will have video game codes and cheats. Online outlets such as Games Radar and Game Spot also have video game codes and cheat available.