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The recent Pokemon game that came to the US is Pokemon Picross. Pokemon Z and Pokemon GO has been announced to come out soon, assuming it'll be in 2016.

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Q: What is the next new Pokemon game?
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When will the next Pokemon game come out?

the next Pokemon game will come out in spring 2011 and will be called Pokemon black and white

Will Pokemon platinum be the next Pokemon game out in shops?

yes they will be the next Pokemon game and you can find it at gamestation in erdington high street.

What will be the next Pokemon game after Pokemon white 2 and black 2?

The 'next' Pokemon game was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth. The next main-series game will be Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the first 6th generation games.

What is the name of the next Pokemon game?

The next Pokemon game is an application for the Android and iOS. This is called Pokemon GO. Currently, there has been an announcement about a Pokemon game called Pokemon Z, which the release date is still unavailable.

When does a new Pokemon game come out to America?

They normally come out some time after they come out in Japan. The next Pokemon game to come out is Pokemon Platinum, they say that it will come out in America some time in 2009.

How do you get new Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

By new Pokemon do you mean starting a new game. You just start a new game them.

What is the next Pokemon game coming?

there is no new Pokemon game coming out. Yes there is retard Right now Heart Gold and Soul Silver are out. In 2011, there is Black and white (I think -.-)

Is Pokemon opal a real game?

It was thought to be the next Pokemon game, after diamon and pearl. But now, it's been told that Pokemon Platinum will be the next game. So up till now, no Pokemon opal is not a real game.

What is the next pokemon game for nitendo DS?

Pokemon platinum

What is the next Pokemon game for ds?

It is Pokemon black and white

What will the next Pokemon game be?

Currently in 2016, the next Pokemon game will be called Pokemon GO. It is a mobile game that makes the player walk to certain areas to find Pokemon. The next Pokemon that seemed to be confirmed is Pokemon Z, which is only available for the 3DS system family.

Are there plans to make a new Pokemon Battle Revolution game?

They will announce a brand new Pokemon Game either for DS or Wii or Project Cafe Wii 2 next Month in June near 12-18