What is the next Guitar Hero game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The next Guitar Hero game is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith coming March 2008, check out the Related Links below for more info on Guitar Hero Aerosmith including places to preorder.

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Q: What is the next Guitar Hero game?
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Related questions

When will the next guitar hero game come out?

Sometime in Fall 2009

What is the next Guitar Hero?

guitar hero aerosmith & guitar hero 4 -TayuyaRocks101

Is there a Guitar Hero game for Xbox?

There is no Guitar Hero game for the original X-Box. The first Guitar Hero game was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the X-Box 360.

How do you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar on Guitar Hero 2 game?

The game is compatible with any guitar

Does Guitar Hero has last resort on it?

No it does not, but I hope that the next Guitar Hero will have it.

Can you use PS2 guitar that came with Guitar Hero with Guitar Hero 3 game?

You can use any guitar hero guitar with any guitar hero.

Can you use band hero with the Guitar Hero world tour guitar?

Yes. You can play any guitar hero game (including Band Hero) with any guitar (including the Guitar Hero World tour guitar.) As long as the game and the instrument are for the same video game console.

Which Guitar hero's need to have the guitar controller?

Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallica

Does Bosnia have Guitar Hero 7?

The latest Guitar Hero game is Guitar Hero 3. No place in the world has a Guitar Hero 7.

Is Guitar Hero 2 on GameCube?

No. The first Guitar Hero game for the Wii was Guitar Hero III.

Is there a game of Guitar Hero?

yes, guitar hero, guitar hero rocks the 80s, guitar hero 2, guitar hero aerosmith, guitar hero 3, and guitar hero world tour. those r in chronological order.

Are the controllers for Guitar Hero the same for all platforms?

Yes, Guitar Hero 2 controller will work in any other guitar hero game same as guitar hero world tour controller can work on any guitar hero game, But you cant use xbox360 controller on another console guitar hero game.