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The newest Nintendo DS system, as of February 2014, is the Nintendo 2DS. This system is a cheaper version of the Nintendo 3DS without the 3D feature. There are other differences such as not being able to fold in half and has only one speaker.

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Q: What is the newest Nintendo DS system?
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What is a UCC1?

That, my friend, is the newest Nintendo ds.

Is Nintendo 3DS a newer version of nentendo ds?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS is the newest installment of the Nintendo DS series.

What Nintendo DS systems are there?

There are several types of Nintendo DS systems ranging from the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL. The newest version of the Nintendo DS is the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

What is a UCC1-308 form?

That, my friend, is the newest Nintendo ds.

What is the newest ds?

right now it is Nintendo 3ds It has two cameras on it.

What is the next Nintendo system?

The DSi well that guy up there is out of date the newest one that is out is the DSiXL it is 98% larger then the regular DSi BUT the next Nintendo system that is not out yet is the 3DS it is not a joke Nintendo announced it it will be a 3D DS system without any glasses

You want to put internet in your Nintendo DS?

Just download ds hobro 0.4 or the newest version

Is the Nintendo 3DS XL the newest hand held system?

No. As of January 2014, the newest Nintendo handheld console is the Nintendo 2DS.

Can you play Nintendo ds games on a Nintendo advance system?

no but you can play Nintendo advance games on a Nintendo ds

Who do you download DS games on your DS?

On the newest DS systems, you can access the Nintendo eShop, which allows you to buy and download games if you have an internet connection.

Is there live on black ops ds?

Yes there is.In every single Call of Duty game (From WaW to the newest version) on the Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi there is multiplayer.

How do you make Nintendo ds to old software?

You can't downgrade your Nintendo DS system.