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light of aidan

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Q: What is the name of the song in the halo odst commercial?
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What is the halo odst song?

The song is called "lament" by light of aiden. I believe it is available on iTunes. The version from the commerical is in Gaelic.

What is the song in the background of halo 3 odst live action trailer hd?

from what I have researched its light of Aidan's " lament"

What song is playing in the live actiion Halo ODST trailer?

The song in the trailer is calmer verion (more epic) of the song "Light of Aiden" by Cafe Del Mar

What is the song that they play on the Nickelodeon commercial?

florance and the machine halo

What song plays in halo reach commercial?

The song that plays on the commercial where the spartan is shot down with the bomb? If so that song is "Deliver Hope". :)

What is the name of the Halo Wars theme song?

The Halo Wars Theme Song. LOL

What song plays in the Halo 3 commercial?

the song is choppins prelude 15 named raindrops

What is the song playing in the Halo ODST funeral trailer?

war sad music is like halo 1 Music but slowly and sadness like when cap keys became the flood that kind of music i think

What is the sing on Halo 3 commercial?

if the commercial u are talking about is the "believe" commercial with all of the sculptures of halo characters fighting then the song is "raindrop prelude" by Chopin. whereas if it is the official trailer then it is finish the fight by martin o'donnel

What is the name of the song for the latest KIA commercial?

The name of the song in the latest Kia commercial is Applause by Lady Gaga. The song is featured in a Soul commercial.

What is the song from Halo 3 believe commercial?

Chopin - Raindrops Prelude Op 25 no 15

Who sings that song halo halo or hello hello song?

If it is the same song I am thinking about then it is sung by Beyonce and the song is called Halo.