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Zelda II: Adventure of Link on the NES

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Q: What is the name of the second game of Zelda?
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What is the second Legend of Zelda game?

Zelda II- The Adventure of Link

What was the second Zelda game called?

A Link to the Past

What is the name of the new Zelda game?

legend of Zelda sorrows ghost

What is the name of the Zelda game comingout?

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

What is the first Legend of Zelda game?

The first game in the series The Legend of Zelda was just called The Legend of Zelda which was released in 1987 on the NES.

What is the next Zelda game?

There is a new Zelda game coming out on the Wii in 2011. The name is Skyward sword.

How do you get clockwork mouse-bombs in Zelda?

First of all, it depends on which Zelda game you have. Second, they are called Bombchus.

What is the name of the next legend of Zelda game for Wii?

The Legend of Zelda Valley of the Flood

Is there a second Zelda majara's mask?

No but there is a gamecube version of it but its the same game.

Who does the player primarily control in the Legend of Zelda game?

In nearly every Zelda game in the series, the player controls a character named Link. Why you control Link and not Zelda when Zelda's name is in the title is beyond me.

What is links sons name from Zelda?

There is no mention of Link having a son in any Zelda game.

On xbox What is the name of the game your a Chinese boy?

Zelda 2