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The dot above the lowercase "i" and "j" is known as a tittle.

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Q: What is the name of the dot above the letters i and j?
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What is called the top dot of i?

A dot above a letter is known as a 'diacritic dot'. The common name for the diacritic dot above an i or a j is a 'tittle'.

What do you call the dot above the j?


What is the official name for the dot over the letter i?

It is called a tittle The tittle first appeared in Latin manuscripts in the 11th century, to distinguish the letter i from strokes of nearby letters. Although originally a larger mark, it was reduced to a dot when Roman-style typefaces were introduced. tittle According to Oxford Dictionaries, the dot above the letters i and j are called superscript dots.

What are the dots above j and you called?

the dot above the j is call a jot, as in 'last jot and tidle'. there is nothing above a u

Which letters of the alphabet have a title?

A tittle is the nane of the dot over the small case letters i and j and q and o

What do you call the dot above j and i?

The dot over the i was added to help with legibility. The reason a j has a dot, it that at one time in history, it was actually an i, that was later converted into a separate letter.

What is the dot above the j in English lower case?

A tittle is a small distinguishing mark, such as a diacritic or the dot on a lowercase i or j.

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Is the word tittle Greek or Hebrew?

Neither. The word "tittle" referring to a dot above the letter i or j, is from Medieval Latin.

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