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No Pokemon can make rare candies, but some Pokemon have the Pickup ability which give them a chance of picking up items randomly including rare candies. Some of these Pokemon include Zigzagoon, Linoone, Meowth, and Sentret.

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Q: What is the name of the Pokemon that make rare candy?
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What does a Rare Candy do in Pokemon?

When used on a pokemon it will boost its level and make it stronger.

What is rare candy in Pokemon Blue?

Rare Candy is an item that increases any one chosen Pokemon's level by 1. Note: Each Rare Candy can only be used once.

How do you make Pokemon evolve faster?

You battle or use a rare candy

Rare Candy Pokemon Pearl?

Yes there is rare candy in pearl

What is the cheat of rare candy in Pokemon yeollow-eng?

go out into the see and look for a Pokemon that looks like a backward B make sure rare candy is the sixth item in your pack. make the b faint and you'll get 98 rare candys

Pokemon Yellow rare candy?

You can get rare candies in pokemon yellow

How do you get Rare Candy on Pokemon firered?

you find rare candy in the random pokeballs

What do you do with a rare candy on Pokemon FireRed?

Well, with rare candy, if you feed it to a Pokemon, it levels that Pokemon up by 1 level. These candies are very rare (duh, it's in the name) so I suggest you use it wisely. (A player interested in getting strong pokémon will never use a Rare Candy as you do not gain EVs by using one. For single player gaming, Rare Candy usage does not make a major impact on your gaming experience, but in PokéMMO or other competetive scenes you will get smashed through the ground if you use the candies.)

How do you get rare candy in Pokemon Saphire?

They can be anywhere. Make sure you get every pokeball okay?

Where do you get rare candy on Pokemon LeafGreen?

in my but

Where are the rare candies in Pokemon platinum?

You can find a rare candy in wayward cave! I already found the rare candy there!

Rare candy Pokemon Gold?

Rare candy is a pack that can increase your pokemon level to 1. You get it when you go to mahogany town shop